Weekly Program Guide for Ch 14 - Oct 26, 2020 to Nov 01, 2020
Monday12:00 AMEat Well Be Happy
Monday12:30 AMForeign Foods
Monday1:00 AMAppetite for Entertaining
Monday1:30 AMIn Good Shape
Monday2:00 AMSaints Baseball 8-5-20
Monday5:50 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Monday6:00 AMInside Health Care
Monday6:30 AMIn Good Shape
Monday7:00 AMHealth Matters
Monday7:30 AMGlobal Health Show
Monday8:00 AMFit for Duty
Monday8:30 AMBrain Channel
Monday8:50 AMStillwater Little Library
Monday9:00 AMDisability Viewpoints
Monday9:30 AMDiet Doctor
Monday10:30 AMDr. Cary's Baby Care
Monday10:43 AMDr. Cary's Baby Care
Monday11:30 AMModel Health Show
Monday1:00 PMIn Good Shape
Monday1:30 PMHealth Matters
Monday2:00 PMGlobal Health Show
Monday2:30 PMFit for Duty
Monday3:00 PMBrain Channel
Monday3:30 PMDisability Viewpoints
Monday4:00 PMDiet Doctor
Monday4:55 PMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Monday5:00 PMNorth Star Oasis
Monday6:01 PMDemocracy Now!
Monday7:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Monday8:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Monday9:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Monday10:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Monday11:00 PMHollywood Makeover
Monday11:28 PMHollywood Makeover
Tuesday12:00 AMDr. Cary's Baby Care
Tuesday12:14 AMDr. Cary's Baby Care
Tuesday12:30 AMModel Health Show
Tuesday1:50 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Tuesday1:55 AMSaints Baseball 8-6-20
Tuesday5:00 AMGo Fish with Dan Kenney
Tuesday5:30 AMThe Garage
Tuesday6:00 AMBaby Blue Arts Presents
Tuesday6:30 AMMN Association of Songcasters
Tuesday7:00 AMWorld of Music
Tuesday7:30 AMSarah's Classical Music
Tuesday7:42 AMSarah's Classical Music
Tuesday8:00 AMYour Key to the Masterpieces
Tuesday8:30 AMStudio A
Tuesday9:00 AMThe Boink Show
Tuesday9:25 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Tuesday9:30 AMDocumentary - History
Tuesday10:20 AMBayport Derby Days
Tuesday10:30 AMIn Concert
Tuesday11:30 AMGo Fish with Dan Kenney
Tuesday12:00 PMThe Garage
Tuesday12:30 PMBaby Blue Arts Presents
Tuesday1:00 PMMN Association of Songcasters
Tuesday1:30 PMWorld of Music
Tuesday2:00 PMSarah's Classical Music
Tuesday2:12 PMSarah's Classical Music
Tuesday2:30 PMYour Key to the Masterpieces
Tuesday2:33 PMYour Key to the Masterpieces
Tuesday3:00 PMStudio A
Tuesday3:30 PMThe Boink Show
Tuesday3:55 PMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Tuesday4:02 PMDocumentary - History
Tuesday4:50 PMStillwater Little Library
Tuesday5:00 PMDemocracy Now!
Tuesday5:59 PMNorth Star Oasis
Tuesday7:00 PMHarvest Fest Pumpkin Event 2020
Tuesday11:00 PMUFO and the Paranormal
Wednesday12:00 AMIn Concert
Wednesday1:00 AMGo Fish with Dan Kenney
Wednesday1:30 AMThe Garage
Wednesday2:00 AMSaints Baseball 8-19-20
Wednesday7:00 AMWicked Good Food
Wednesday7:30 AMThe Food Ranger
Wednesday8:00 AMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday8:09 AMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday8:17 AMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday8:19 AMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday8:24 AMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday8:30 AMThe Migrant Kitchen
Wednesday9:00 AMOn Tap
Wednesday9:30 AMForeign Foods
Wednesday10:00 AMHot for Food
Wednesday10:30 AMAppetite for Entertaining
Wednesday11:00 AMThe Domestic Geek
Wednesday11:05 AMThe Domestic Geek
Wednesday11:14 AMThe Domestic Geek
Wednesday11:21 AMThe Domestic Geek
Wednesday11:30 AMEntertaining With Beth
Wednesday11:34 AMEntertaining With Beth
Wednesday11:49 AMEntertaining With Beth
Wednesday12:00 PMWorld Food Review
Wednesday12:13 PMWorld Food Review
Wednesday12:30 PMEat Well Be Happy
Wednesday1:00 PMGrumpy Old Men Cooking
Wednesday1:30 PMWicked Good Food
Wednesday2:00 PMThe Food Ranger
Wednesday2:30 PMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday2:37 PMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday2:43 PMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday2:51 PMBigger Bolder Baking
Wednesday3:00 PMThe Migrant Kitchen
Wednesday3:30 PMOn Tap
Wednesday4:00 PMForeign Foods
Wednesday4:30 PMHot for Food
Wednesday4:44 PMHot for Food
Wednesday5:00 PMDemocracy Now!
Wednesday6:00 PMThe David Pakman Show
Wednesday7:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Wednesday8:30 PMOff Road Racing at ERX
Wednesday10:10 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Wednesday11:00 PMSt. Croix Paranormal
Wednesday11:20 PMSt. Croix Paranormal
Wednesday11:39 PMSt. Croix Paranormal
Thursday12:00 AMAppetite for Entertaining
Thursday12:30 AMThe Domestic Geek
Thursday12:35 AMThe Domestic Geek
Thursday12:42 AMThe Domestic Geek
Thursday12:51 AMThe Domestic Geek
Thursday1:00 AMEntertaining With Beth
Thursday1:04 AMEntertaining With Beth
Thursday1:08 AMEntertaining With Beth
Thursday1:13 AMEntertaining With Beth
Thursday1:19 AMEntertaining With Beth
Thursday1:23 AMEntertaining With Beth
Thursday1:30 AMWorld Food Review
Thursday1:52 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Thursday2:00 AMSaints Baseball 8-8-20
Thursday5:10 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Thursday5:30 AMGlobal 3000
Thursday6:00 AMThis Planet
Thursday6:12 AMThis Planet
Thursday6:30 AMEarth Focus
Thursday7:00 AMTending Nature
Thursday7:30 AMEco Africa
Thursday8:00 AMNature Scene
Thursday8:30 AMAngrey Planet
Thursday8:55 AMStillwater Little Library
Thursday9:00 AMSolutions
Thursday9:30 AMGo Fish with Dan Kenney
Thursday10:00 AMEco India
Thursday10:30 AMDocumentary Nature
Thursday10:58 AMDocumentary Nature
Thursday11:30 AMExplore
Thursday12:00 PMGlobal 3000
Thursday12:30 PMThis Planet
Thursday12:40 PMThis Planet
Thursday12:55 PMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Thursday1:00 PMEarth Focus
Thursday1:30 PMTending Nature
Thursday2:00 PMEco Africa
Thursday2:30 PMNature Scene
Thursday3:00 PMAngrey Planet
Thursday3:30 PMSolutions
Thursday4:00 PMGo Fish with Dan Kenney
Thursday4:30 PMEco India
Thursday5:00 PMNorth Star Oasis
Thursday6:00 PMDemocracy Now!
Thursday7:00 PMSt Croix Ballet Summer Gala
Thursday7:50 PMStillwater Chamber Gala 2020
Thursday9:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Thursday10:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Thursday11:00 PMGhostbustin 911
Thursday11:30 PMGhostbustin 911
Friday12:00 AMDocumentary Nature
Friday12:50 AMStillwater Little Library
Friday1:00 AMExplore
Friday1:25 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Friday1:30 AMGlobal 3000
Friday2:00 AMSaints Baseball 8-9-20
Friday5:00 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday5:05 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday5:10 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday5:16 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday5:19 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday5:30 AMWhat in the World
Friday6:00 AMThe Digital Age
Friday6:12 AMThe Digital Age
Friday6:30 AMDocumentary - Economics
Friday7:20 AMBayport Derby Days
Friday7:30 AMTwo Worlds
Friday8:00 AMMade
Friday8:30 AMTravel Guide
Friday9:00 AMBoth Sides of the Bars
Friday9:30 AMThe Folklorist
Friday10:00 AMFinnish Talk Variety Show
Friday10:30 AMBioneers
Friday11:00 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday11:02 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday11:09 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday11:18 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday11:22 AMEurope To The Maxx
Friday11:30 AMWhat in the World
Friday12:00 PMThe Digital Age
Friday12:12 PMThe Digital Age
Friday12:30 PMDocumentary - Economics
Friday1:20 PMStillwater Little Library
Friday1:30 PMTwo Worlds
Friday1:55 PMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Friday2:00 PMMade
Friday2:30 PMTravel Guide
Friday3:00 PMBoth Sides of the Bars
Friday3:30 PMThe Folklorist
Friday4:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday5:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday6:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday7:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday8:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday9:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday10:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Friday11:00 PMThe Cinemaniacs
Saturday12:00 AMBioneers
Saturday12:30 AMEurope To The Maxx
Saturday12:32 AMEurope To The Maxx
Saturday12:39 AMEurope To The Maxx
Saturday12:48 AMEurope To The Maxx
Saturday12:52 AMEurope To The Maxx
Saturday1:00 AMWhat in the World
Saturday1:30 AMThe Digital Age
Saturday1:42 AMThe Digital Age
Saturday2:00 AMSaints Baseball 8-5-20
Saturday5:45 AMBayport Derby Days
Saturday5:50 AMStillwater Little Library
Saturday6:00 AMArtbound
Saturday6:55 AMBayport Derby Days
Saturday7:00 AMDocumentary Travel
Saturday8:00 AMArts 21
Saturday8:30 AMColour In Your Life
Saturday8:55 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Saturday9:00 AMArt Life Unlimited
Saturday10:00 AMArtbound
Saturday11:00 AMDocumentary Travel
Saturday12:00 PMHarvest Fest Pumpkin Event 2020
Saturday3:30 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday5:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday6:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday7:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday8:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday9:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday10:00 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Saturday11:00 PMSports Life
Saturday11:13 PMSports Life
Saturday11:25 PMSports Life
Saturday11:38 PMSports Life
Sunday12:00 AMArts21
Sunday12:30 AMColour In Your Life
Sunday12:55 AMBayport Derby Days
Sunday1:00 AMArtbound
Sunday1:55 AMStillwater Little Library
Sunday2:00 AMSaints Baseball 8-4-20
Sunday4:50 AMStillwater Little Library
Sunday5:00 AMAppetite for Entertaining
Sunday5:30 AMIn Good Shape
Sunday6:00 AMDocumentary - History
Sunday6:50 AMStillwater Motors Corvette Show
Sunday7:00 AMDocumentary - Economics
Sunday7:50 AMStillwater Little Library
Sunday8:00 AMDocumentary Travel
Sunday9:00 AMDisability Viewpoints
Sunday9:30 AMSarah's Classical Music
Sunday9:42 AMSarah's Classical Music
Sunday9:55 AMBayport Derby Days
Sunday10:00 AMYour Key to the Masterpieces
Sunday10:10 AMYour Key to the Masterpieces
Sunday10:16 AMYour Key to the Masterpieces
Sunday10:30 AMTravel Guide
Sunday11:00 AMWorld of Music
Sunday11:30 AMThe Folklorist
Sunday12:00 PMMilitary Chief
Sunday12:30 PMOn Tap
Sunday12:55 PMStillwater Little Library
Sunday1:00 PMExplore
Sunday1:30 PMGo Fish with Dan Kenney
Sunday2:00 PMThe Garage
Sunday2:30 PMThe Digital Age
Sunday2:42 PMThe Digital Age
Sunday3:00 PMBoth Sides of the Bars
Sunday3:30 PMIn Concert
Sunday4:20 PMStillwater Little Library
Sunday4:30 PMBaby Blue Arts Presents
Sunday5:00 PMArts 21
Sunday5:30 PMHot for Food
Sunday6:00 PMThe Food Ranger
Sunday6:25 PMBayport Derby Days
Sunday6:30 PMInside Health Care
Sunday7:00 PMSt Croix Ballet Summer Gala
Sunday8:00 PMSt. Andrews Tricks & Treats
Sunday9:30 PMSummer Relief Concert Series
Sunday11:00 PMMysterious Midwest
*This schedule is valid as of 12:47 AM on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.