Weekly Program Guide for Ch 16 - Oct 26, 2020 to Nov 01, 2020
Monday12:00 AMDefense TV
Monday12:27 AMDefense TV
Monday1:00 AMOak Park Heights City Council
Monday2:00 AMMN Senate 39 Candidate Forum
Monday5:00 AMNASA 360
Monday5:30 AMCapital Report
Monday6:00 AMBayport City Council Meeting
Monday9:00 AMOak Park Heights Parks & Trails
Monday9:30 AMStillwater Memorial Ceremony
Monday10:00 AMLWV: OPH Mayor Forum
Monday11:00 AMUS National Archives
Monday12:00 PMLake Elmo Planning Commission
Monday1:00 PMLWV: Lake Elmo Mayor Forum
Monday2:00 PMThe Sheriff Show
Monday2:30 PMInsight 7
Monday3:00 PMStillwater City Council Meeting
Monday5:00 PMOPH Mayoral Candidate Forum
Monday6:00 PMMN Senate 39 Candidate Forum
Monday9:00 PMBetween the Lines
Monday9:30 PMCapital Report
Monday10:00 PMOak Park Heights City Council
Monday11:00 PMCOVID-19 Governor Update 10-2
Tuesday12:00 AMDefense TV
Tuesday12:27 AMDefense TV
Tuesday1:00 AMWashington County Board
Tuesday5:00 AMYour Federal Government
Tuesday6:00 AMStillwater Heritage Preserve
Tuesday7:00 AMMN Senate 39 Candidate Forum
Tuesday8:00 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:02 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:04 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:05 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:06 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:07 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:09 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:11 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:13 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:14 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:17 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:19 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:22 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:24 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:26 AMKnow Your Military
Tuesday8:30 AMElection Might Break America
Tuesday12:00 PMMN Senate 39 Candidate Forum
Tuesday2:00 PMBetween the Lines
Tuesday2:30 PMIts Your History
Tuesday3:01 PMUS National Archives
Tuesday4:00 PMStillwater Planning Meeting
Tuesday5:09 PMOPH Mayoral Candidate Forum
Tuesday6:00 PMMN Senate 39 Candidate Forum
Tuesday9:30 PMNASA 360
Tuesday10:00 PMStillwater Heritage Preserve
Tuesday10:55 PMLWV: Lake St Croix Beach CC
Wednesday12:00 AMDefense TV
Wednesday12:26 AMDefense TV
Wednesday1:00 AMLake Elmo City Council
Wednesday5:00 AMBetween the Lines
Wednesday5:30 AMIts Your History
Wednesday6:01 AMLake Elmo Parks Meeting
Wednesday8:00 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:03 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:05 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:07 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:10 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:12 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:14 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:17 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:19 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:21 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:23 AMKnow Your Military
Wednesday8:30 AM75th Anniversary of Hiroshima
Wednesday9:00 AMStillwater Heritage Preserve
Wednesday10:00 AMOPH Mayoral Candidate Forum
Wednesday11:00 AMThe Sheriff Show
Wednesday11:30 AMInsight 7
Wednesday12:00 PMLake Elmo City Council
Wednesday2:00 PMCapital Report
Wednesday2:30 PMThe District Court Show
Wednesday3:01 PMLake Elmo Planning Commission
Wednesday4:00 PMElection Might Break America
Wednesday4:30 PMWashington County Law Day 2020
Wednesday4:45 PMWestern Wisconsin Journal
Wednesday10:00 PMBayport City Council Meeting
Thursday1:00 AMLake Elmo Planning Commission
Thursday2:00 AMLWV: Grant Mayor Forum
Thursday5:00 AMThe Sheriff Show
Thursday5:30 AMThe District Court Show
Thursday6:01 AMStillwater Parks & Rec Meeting
Thursday7:30 AMElection Might Break America
Thursday8:00 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:01 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:04 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:04 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:05 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:08 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:09 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:12 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:14 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:15 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:17 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:20 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:22 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:24 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:26 AMKnow Your Military
Thursday8:30 AMElection Might Break America
Thursday9:00 AMOak Park Heights Plan Meeting
Thursday9:30 AM75th Anniversary of Hiroshima
Thursday10:00 AMLWV: Lake Elmo CC Forum
Thursday11:00 AMUS National Archives
Thursday12:00 PMWashington County Board
Thursday2:00 PMIts Your History
Thursday2:30 PMMN House of Representative
Thursday2:35 PMMN House of Representative
Thursday2:45 PMMN House of Representative
Thursday3:00 PMLake Elmo City Council
Thursday7:10 PMCOVID-19 Governor Update 10-2
Thursday8:00 PMWestern Wisconsin Journal
Thursday10:00 PMOakdale Update
Thursday10:30 PMLake Area Beat
Thursday11:01 PMUS National Archives
Friday12:00 AMClose Combat Training
Friday1:00 AMStillwater Parks & Rec Meeting
Friday2:30 AMElection Might Break America
Friday5:00 AMInsight 7
Friday5:30 AMNASA 360
Friday6:00 AMOak Park Heights Parks & Trails
Friday6:30 AMElection Might Break America
Friday7:00 AMCOVID-19 Governor Update 10-2
Friday8:00 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:02 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:04 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:06 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:07 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:10 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:11 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:12 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:15 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:17 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:19 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:21 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:23 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:24 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:25 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:26 AMKnow Your Military
Friday8:30 AMStillwater Memorial Ceremony
Friday9:00 AMStillwater City Council Meeting
Friday11:00 AMYour Federal Government
Friday12:00 PMOak Park Heights City Council
Friday1:00 PMLWV: Lake St Croix Beach Mayor
Friday2:00 PMThe District Court Show
Friday2:31 PMCapital Report
Friday3:00 PMOakdale Update
Friday3:30 PMLake Area Beat
Friday4:01 PMLWV: OPH Mayor Forum
Friday5:00 PMMN House of Representative
Friday5:07 PMMN House of Representative
Friday5:20 PMMN House of Representative
Friday5:30 PMThe Sheriff Show
Friday6:00 PMIts Your History
Friday6:31 PMBetween the Lines
Friday7:01 PMBayport City Council Meeting
Friday10:00 PMStillwater City Council Meeting
Saturday12:00 AMDefense TV
Saturday12:27 AMDefense TV
Saturday1:00 AMLake Elmo Parks Meeting
Saturday5:00 AMUS National Archives
Saturday6:00 AMBayport City Council Meeting
Saturday9:00 AMOak Park Heights City Council
Saturday10:00 AMOPH Mayoral Candidate Forum
Saturday11:00 AMBetween the Lines
Saturday11:30 AMThe Sheriff Show
Saturday12:01 PMOakdale Update
Saturday12:31 PMLake Area Beat
Saturday1:02 PMLWV: Lake Elmo Mayor Forum
Saturday2:00 PMMN House of Representative
Saturday2:07 PMMN House of Representative
Saturday2:16 PMMN House of Representative
Saturday2:30 PMNASA 360
Saturday3:00 PMStillwater Planning Meeting
Saturday4:10 PMOPH Mayoral Candidate Forum
Saturday5:00 PMInsight 7
Saturday5:30 PMThe District Court Show
Saturday6:01 PMYour Federal Government
Saturday7:00 PMStillwater City Council Meeting
Saturday9:00 PMCOVID-19 Governor Update 10-2
Saturday10:00 PMOak Park Heights City Council
Saturday11:00 PMLWV: Grant Mayor Forum
Sunday12:00 AMDefense TV
Sunday12:23 AMDefense TV
Sunday1:00 AMWashington County Board
Sunday5:00 AMIts Your History
Sunday5:31 AMThe Sheriff Show
Sunday6:01 AMOak Park Heights Plan Meeting
Sunday6:30 AMWashington County Law Day 2020
Sunday7:00 AMLWV: Lake St Croix Beach Mayor
Sunday8:00 AMStillwater Library Story Time
Sunday9:00 AMBayport City Council Meeting
Sunday12:00 PMOak Park Heights Parks & Trails
Sunday12:30 PM75th Anniversary of Hiroshima
Sunday1:00 PMMN Senate 39 Candidate Forum
Sunday2:00 PMBetween the Lines
Sunday2:30 PMThe District Court Show
Sunday3:01 PMStillwater Parks & Rec Meeting
Sunday4:30 PMStillwater Memorial Ceremony
Sunday4:50 PMWashington County Law Day 2020
Sunday5:00 PMCapital Report
Sunday5:30 PMInsight 7
Sunday6:00 PMUS National Archives
Sunday7:00 PMOak Park Heights City Council
Sunday8:00 PMLWV: Lake Elmo Mayor Forum
Sunday9:00 PMNASA 360
Sunday9:28 PMThe Sheriff Show
Sunday10:00 PMStillwater City Council Meeting
*This schedule is valid as of 12:37 AM on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.