Weekly Program Guide for Ch 15 - Aug 03, 2020 to Aug 09, 2020
Monday12:00 AMMic'd Up
Monday1:00 AMAbsolute Genius
Monday1:30 AMHigh School Quiz Show
Monday2:00 AMSAHS Sports - Boys Hockey
Monday4:00 AMPony Wrestling vs. Park
Monday5:00 AMBackyard Science
Monday5:13 AMBackyard Science
Monday5:30 AMCrash Course - US History
Monday5:43 AMCrash Course - US History
Monday6:00 AMFire of Learning
Monday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Monday9:00 AMMic'd Up
Monday10:00 AMScience 360
Monday10:30 AMNASA X
Monday11:00 AMSciShow
Monday11:16 AMSciShow
Monday11:30 AMTomorrow Today
Monday12:00 PMHigh School Quiz Show
Monday12:30 PMAtlas Pro
Monday12:43 PMAtlas Pro
Monday1:00 PMBackyard Science
Monday1:13 PMBackyard Science
Monday1:30 PMCrash Course - US History
Monday1:44 PMCrash Course - US History
Monday2:00 PMFire of Learning
Monday3:00 PMMic'd Up
Monday5:00 PMSAHS Fall Orchestra Concert
Monday6:00 PMDistrict #834 School Board
Monday9:30 PMSt. Croix Prep Commencment 2020
Monday11:00 PMMic'd Up
Tuesday1:05 AMAtlas Pro
Tuesday1:15 AMAtlas Pro
Tuesday1:22 AMAtlas Pro
Tuesday1:30 AMBackyard Science
Tuesday1:43 AMBackyard Science
Tuesday2:00 AMPony Girls LAX vs. Breck
Tuesday3:30 AMPony Girls Basketball vs. MV
Tuesday5:00 AMHigh School Quiz Show
Tuesday5:30 AMCrash Course - US History
Tuesday5:43 AMCrash Course - US History
Tuesday6:00 AMNASA X
Tuesday6:30 AMBackyard Science
Tuesday6:43 AMBackyard Science
Tuesday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Tuesday9:00 AMMic'd Up
Tuesday10:00 AMAtlas Pro
Tuesday10:12 AMAtlas Pro
Tuesday10:30 AMFire of Learning
Tuesday11:30 AMCrash Course - US History
Tuesday11:44 AMCrash Course - US History
Tuesday12:00 PMDistrict #834 School Board
Tuesday3:30 PMMic'd Up
Tuesday5:00 PMMahtomedi_Grad2020
Tuesday7:00 PMSt. Croix Prep Commencment 2020
Tuesday8:30 PMSAHS Commenecment Ceremony
Tuesday9:33 PMSAHS Battle of the Bands
Tuesday11:00 PMMic'd Up
Wednesday1:00 AMCrash Course - US History
Wednesday1:13 AMCrash Course - US History
Wednesday1:30 AMBackyard Science
Wednesday1:43 AMBackyard Science
Wednesday2:00 AMPony Football vs. Coon Rapids
Wednesday4:30 AMInside 834
Wednesday5:00 AMAbsolute Genius
Wednesday5:30 AMSciShow
Wednesday5:44 AMSciShow
Wednesday6:30 AMScience 360
Wednesday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Wednesday8:30 AMMic'd Up
Wednesday10:00 AMCrash Course - US History
Wednesday10:15 AMCrash Course - US History
Wednesday10:30 AMTomorrow Today
Wednesday11:00 AMSciShow
Wednesday11:11 AMSciShow
Wednesday11:14 AMSciShow
Wednesday11:21 AMSciShow
Wednesday11:30 AMBackyard Science
Wednesday11:43 AMBackyard Science
Wednesday12:00 PMAbsolute Genius
Wednesday12:30 PMMaximum Science
Wednesday12:40 PMMaximum Science
Wednesday1:00 PMFire of Learning
Wednesday2:00 PMAtlas Pro
Wednesday2:14 PMAtlas Pro
Wednesday3:00 PMMic'd Up
Wednesday5:00 PMStillwater DaVinci Fest
Wednesday5:30 PMAndersen Elementary Concert
Wednesday6:00 PMMahtomedi_Grad2020
Wednesday8:00 PMSAHS Commenecment Ceremony
Wednesday9:30 PMSt. Croix Prep Commencment 2020
Wednesday11:00 PMMic'd Up
Thursday12:30 AMMic'd Up
Thursday1:00 AMNASA X
Thursday1:30 AMTomorrow Today
Thursday2:00 AMPony Girls Basketball vs. WBL
Thursday4:00 AMOak-Land Middle Orchestra
Thursday5:00 AMCrash Course - US History
Thursday5:13 AMCrash Course - US History
Thursday5:30 AMBackyard Science
Thursday5:43 AMBackyard Science
Thursday6:00 AMMaximum Science
Thursday6:12 AMMaximum Science
Thursday6:30 AMAbsolute Genius
Thursday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Thursday8:30 AMMic'd Up
Thursday10:00 AMHigh School Quiz Show
Thursday10:30 AMAtlas Pro
Thursday10:37 AMAtlas Pro
Thursday10:51 AMAtlas Pro
Thursday11:00 AMFire of Learning
Thursday12:00 PMTomorrow Today
Thursday12:30 PMCrash Course - US History
Thursday12:37 PMCrash Course - US History
Thursday1:00 PMNASA X
Thursday1:30 PMAbsolute Genius
Thursday2:00 PMMaximum Science
Thursday2:12 PMMaximum Science
Thursday2:30 PMBackyard Science
Thursday2:43 PMBackyard Science
Thursday3:00 PMMic'd Up
Thursday5:30 PMInside 834
Thursday6:00 PMDistrict #834 School Board
Thursday9:30 PMSAHS Commenecment Ceremony
Thursday11:00 PMMic'd Up
Friday12:00 AMMic'd Up
Friday1:00 AMHigh School Quiz Show
Friday1:30 AMAbsolute Genius
Friday2:00 AMSAHS Ponies Girls Soccer 10-22
Friday4:30 AMInside 834
Friday5:00 AMBackyard Science
Friday5:13 AMBackyard Science
Friday5:30 AMAtlas Pro
Friday5:43 AMAtlas Pro
Friday6:00 AMCrash Course - US History
Friday6:13 AMCrash Course - US History
Friday6:30 AMMaximum Science
Friday6:40 AMMaximum Science
Friday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Friday8:00 AMMic'd Up
Friday10:00 AMFire of Learning
Friday11:00 AMAbsolute Genius
Friday11:30 AMScience 360
Friday12:00 PMBackyard Science
Friday12:13 PMBackyard Science
Friday12:30 PMTomorrow Today
Friday1:00 PMHigh School Quiz Show
Friday1:30 PMSciShow
Friday1:37 PMSciShow
Friday1:45 PMSciShow
Friday1:49 PMSciShow
Friday1:53 PMSciShow
Friday2:00 PMAtlas Pro
Friday2:12 PMAtlas Pro
Friday2:30 PMCrash Course - US History
Friday2:35 PMCrash Course - US History
Friday3:00 PMMic'd Up
Friday4:30 PMSt. Croix Prep Commencment 2020
Friday6:00 PMSAHS Commenecment Ceremony
Friday7:03 PMInside 834
Friday7:30 PMStillwater DaVinci Fest
Friday8:00 PMMahtomedi_Grad2020
Friday10:00 PMRivergrove Elementary Concert
Friday10:30 PMRutherford Elementary Concert
Friday11:00 PMMic'd Up
Saturday1:00 AMCrash Course - US History
Saturday1:13 AMCrash Course - US History
Saturday1:30 AMSciShow
Saturday1:34 AMSciShow
Saturday1:46 AMSciShow
Saturday1:51 AMSciShow
Saturday2:00 AMSAHS Ponies Football 9-20
Saturday4:30 AMStillwater DaVinci Fest
Saturday5:00 AMAtlas Pro
Saturday5:15 AMAtlas Pro
Saturday5:30 AMAbsolute Genius
Saturday6:00 AMNASA X
Saturday6:30 AMBackyard Science
Saturday6:43 AMBackyard Science
Saturday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Saturday8:00 AMMic'd Up
Saturday8:50 AMMic'd Up
Saturday10:00 AMMic'd Up
Saturday11:02 AMMic'd Up
Saturday12:30 PMMic'd Up
Saturday1:30 PMMic'd Up
Saturday3:00 PMDistrict #834 School Board
Saturday6:30 PMSAHS Winter Concert
Saturday7:07 PMSAHS Winter Concert
Saturday8:30 PMSt. Croix Prep Commencment 2020
Saturday10:00 PM2019 St Croix Sports - HOF
Saturday11:00 PMMic'd Up
Sunday1:00 AMTomorrow Today
Sunday1:30 AMAtlas Pro
Sunday1:42 AMAtlas Pro
Sunday2:00 AMSAHS Battle of the Bands
Sunday3:30 AMSAHS Sports - Girls Basketball
Sunday5:00 AMHigh School Quiz Show
Sunday5:30 AMBackyard Science
Sunday5:43 AMBackyard Science
Sunday6:00 AMMaximum Science
Sunday6:10 AMMaximum Science
Sunday6:30 AMAbsolute Genius
Sunday7:00 AMMic'd Up
Sunday8:31 AMMic'd Up
Sunday10:00 AMDistrict #834 School Board
Sunday1:30 PMMic'd Up
Sunday3:00 PMMic'd Up
Sunday5:00 PMAndersen Elementary Concert
Sunday5:30 PM2019 St Croix Sports - HOF
Sunday6:30 PMSAHS Commenecment Ceremony
Sunday7:33 PMSt. Croix Prep Commencment 2020
Sunday9:00 PMMahtomedi_Grad2020
Sunday11:00 PMMic'd Up
*This schedule is valid as of 8:59 AM on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.