Weekly Program Guide for Ch 18 - Aug 03, 2020 to Aug 09, 2020
Monday12:00 AMTransformation Church
Monday1:00 AMThirst No More and Bear Fruit
Monday1:30 AMExtraordinary Faith
Monday2:00 AMLiving Word Bible Church
Monday3:00 AMElevation Church
Monday4:00 AMGrace to You
Monday5:00 AMImmanuel Church of Forest Lake
Monday6:00 AMCry Holy with Bishop Felton
Monday6:30 AMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Monday7:00 AMGateway Church
Monday8:00 AMBible Talk - Study for Beginner
Monday8:30 AMWake Up Daily Bible Study
Monday9:00 AMPiano Worship
Monday10:00 AMLiving Word Bible Church
Monday11:00 AMElevation Church
Monday12:00 PMLove Power Miracle Ministry
Monday1:00 PMPower of Love
Monday1:31 PMWhat Does the Bible Say?
Monday2:01 PMScripture Verse by Verse
Monday2:32 PMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Monday3:02 PMRevolution Church
Monday4:00 PMGospel of Grace Fellowship
Monday5:00 PMFirst Church
Monday6:00 PMLove Power Miracle Ministry
Monday7:00 PMPower of Love
Monday7:31 PMWhat Does the Bible Say?
Monday8:01 PMScripture Verse by Verse
Monday8:31 PMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Monday9:01 PMRevolution Church
Monday10:00 PMGospel of Grace Fellowship
Monday11:00 PMFirst Church
Tuesday12:00 AMLove Power Miracle Ministry
Tuesday1:00 AMPower of Love
Tuesday1:30 AMWhat Does the Bible Say?
Tuesday2:00 AMScripture Verse by Verse
Tuesday2:30 AMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Tuesday3:00 AMRevolution Church
Tuesday4:00 AMGospel of Grace Fellowship
Tuesday5:00 AMFirst Church
Tuesday6:00 AMLove Power Miracle Ministry
Tuesday7:00 AMPower of Love
Tuesday7:31 AMWhat Does the Bible Say?
Tuesday8:01 AMBible Talk - Study for Beginner
Tuesday8:40 AMWake Up Daily Bible Study
Tuesday9:00 AMPiano Worship
Tuesday10:00 AMRevolution Church
Tuesday11:00 AMGospel of Grace Fellowship
Tuesday12:00 PMTransformation Church
Tuesday1:00 PMThirst No More and Bear Fruit
Tuesday1:30 PMExtraordinary Faith
Tuesday2:00 PMLiving Word Bible Church
Tuesday3:00 PMElevation Church
Tuesday4:00 PMGrace to You
Tuesday5:00 PMImmanuel Church of Forest Lake
Tuesday6:00 PMHillsong Church
Tuesday7:00 PMGateway Church
Tuesday8:00 PMTransformation Church
Tuesday9:00 PMThirst No More and Bear Fruit
Tuesday9:30 PMExtraordinary Faith
Tuesday10:00 PMLiving Word Bible Church
Tuesday11:00 PMElevation Church
Wednesday12:00 AMGrace to You
Wednesday1:00 AMImmanuel Church of Forest Lake
Wednesday2:00 AMHillsong Church
Wednesday3:00 AMGateway Church
Wednesday4:00 AMTransformation Church
Wednesday5:00 AMThirst No More and Bear Fruit
Wednesday5:30 AMExtraordinary Faith
Wednesday6:00 AMLiving Word Bible Church
Wednesday7:00 AMElevation Church
Wednesday8:00 AMBible Talk - Study for Beginner
Wednesday8:30 AMWake Up Daily Bible Study
Wednesday9:00 AMPiano Worship
Wednesday10:00 AMHillsong Church
Wednesday11:00 AMGateway Church
Wednesday12:00 PMTrinity Lutheran Church
Wednesday1:00 PMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Wednesday2:00 PMRiver Valley Christian Church
Wednesday3:00 PMSalem Lutheran Church
Wednesday4:00 PMRockpoint Church
Wednesday5:00 PMSt. Michael's Catholic Church
Wednesday6:00 PMTrinity Lutheran Church
Wednesday7:00 PMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Wednesday8:00 PMRiver Valley Christian Church
Wednesday9:00 PMSalem Lutheran Church
Wednesday10:00 PMRockpoint Church
Wednesday11:00 PMSt. Michael's Catholic Church
Thursday12:00 AMTrinity Lutheran Church
Thursday1:00 AMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Thursday2:00 AMRiver Valley Christian Church
Thursday3:00 AMSalem Lutheran Church
Thursday4:00 AMRockpoint Church
Thursday5:00 AMSt. Michael's Catholic Church
Thursday6:00 AMTrinity Lutheran Church
Thursday7:00 AMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Thursday8:00 AMBible Talk - Study for Beginner
Thursday8:30 AMWake Up Daily Bible Study
Thursday9:00 AMPiano Worship
Thursday10:00 AMRiver Valley Christian Church
Thursday11:00 AMSalem Lutheran Church
Thursday12:00 PMSt. Michael's Catholic Church
Thursday1:00 PMWatermark Church
Thursday2:00 PMBethlehem Lutheran Church
Thursday3:00 PMOakridge Community Church
Thursday4:00 PMSt. Paul Lutheran Church
Thursday5:00 PMThe Depot Worship
Thursday6:00 PMChrist Lutheran Church
Thursday7:00 PMWatermark Church
Thursday8:00 PMBethlehem Lutheran Church
Thursday9:00 PMOakridge Community Church
Thursday10:00 PMSt. Paul Lutheran Church
Thursday11:00 PMThe Depot Worship
Friday12:00 AMChrist Lutheran Church
Friday1:00 AMWatermark Church
Friday2:00 AMBethlehem Lutheran Church
Friday3:00 AMOakridge Community Church
Friday4:00 AMSt. Paul Lutheran Church
Friday5:00 AMThe Depot Worship
Friday6:00 AMChrist Lutheran Church
Friday7:00 AMBethlehem Lutheran Church
Friday8:00 AMBible Talk - Study for Beginner
Friday8:30 AMWake Up Daily Bible Study
Friday9:00 AMPiano Worship
Friday10:00 AMOakridge Community Church
Friday11:00 AMWatermark Church
Friday12:00 PMMemorial Lutheran Church
Friday1:00 PMSt Peter's United Church
Friday2:00 PMTrinity Lutheran Church
Friday3:00 PMSalem Lutheran Church
Friday4:00 PMRiver Valley Christian Church
Friday5:00 PMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Friday6:00 PMMemorial Lutheran Church
Friday7:00 PMSt Peter's United Church
Friday8:00 PMTrinity Lutheran Church
Friday9:00 PMSalem Lutheran Church
Friday10:00 PMRiver Valley Christian Church
Friday11:00 PMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Saturday12:00 AMMemorial Lutheran Church
Saturday1:00 AMSt Peter's United Church
Saturday2:00 AMTrinity Lutheran Church
Saturday3:00 AMSalem Lutheran Church
Saturday4:00 AMRiver Valley Christian Church
Saturday5:00 AMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Saturday6:00 AMMemorial Lutheran Church
Saturday7:00 AMSt Peter's United Church
Saturday8:00 AMTrinity Lutheran Church
Saturday9:00 AMSalem Lutheran Church
Saturday10:00 AMRiver Valley Christian Church
Saturday11:00 AMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Saturday12:00 PMEagle Brook Church
Saturday1:00 PMRockpoint Church
Saturday2:00 PMNew Life Christian Community
Saturday3:00 PMSt. Michael's Catholic Church
Saturday4:00 PMOur Savior's Lutheran Church
Saturday5:00 PMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Saturday5:30 PMHope Works
Saturday6:00 PMEagle Brook Church
Saturday7:00 PMRockpoint Church
Saturday8:00 PMNew Life Christian Community
Saturday9:00 PMSt. Michael's Catholic Church
Saturday10:00 PMOur Savior's Lutheran Church
Saturday11:00 PMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Saturday11:30 PMHope Works
Saturday11:41 PMHope Works
Sunday12:00 AMEagle Brook Church
Sunday1:00 AMRockpoint Church
Sunday2:00 AMNew Life Christian Community
Sunday3:00 AMOur Savior's Lutheran Church
Sunday4:00 AMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Sunday4:30 AMHope Works
Sunday5:00 AMGrace to You
Sunday6:00 AMEagle Brook Church
Sunday7:00 AMOakridge Community Church
Sunday8:00 AMSt. Andrews Lutheran Church
Sunday10:30 AMDiocese of Saint Cloud Worship
Sunday11:00 AMTrinity Lutheran Church
Sunday12:00 PMRockpoint Church
Sunday1:00 PMBethlehem Lutheran Church
Sunday2:00 PMRiver Valley Christian Church
Sunday3:00 PMSalem Lutheran Church
Sunday4:00 PMSt. Paul Lutheran Church
Sunday5:00 PMMemorial Lutheran Church
Sunday6:00 PMChrist Lutheran Church
Sunday7:00 PMOur Savior's Lutheran Church
Sunday8:00 PMSt Peter's United Church
Sunday9:00 PMEagle Brook Church
Sunday10:00 PMHillsong Church
Sunday11:00 PMFirst Church
*This schedule is valid as of 8:53 AM on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.